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    The Last Electric Scooter You'll Ever Need

  • iWheels X8 electric scooter 500w

    X8 electric scooter

    500W motor power

    Smart APP

    8 inch tire

    Double shock absorber

    urban electric scooter

    X6 electric scooter

    350W motor power

    Smart APP

    6 inch tire

    Rear-wheel Drive

    electric scooter berlin

    M8 electric scooter

    350W motor power

    8.5 inch tire(solid)

    disc brake

    Front-wheel drive

    girls electric scooter

    M6 electric scooter

    300W motor power

    6.5 inch tire

    running slope 25 degrees

    rear-wheel drive

    folding electric scooter

    M5 electric scooter

    250W motor power

    5.5 inch tire(solid)

    7kg portable design

    max speed 25 km/h

    H2 electric scooter

    250W motor power

    Aluminum Alloy Fram

    5.5 inch tire

    front-wheel drive

    electric scooter australia

    H1 electric scooter

    250W motor power

    Carbon Fibler Material

    6.5kg light weight

    one-touch folding

    electric scooter australia

    S8 sharing electric scooter

    350W motor power

    8.5 inch tire

    GPS tracking

  • Exquisite design. Meticulous craft.

    The perfect balance of innovation, portability and performance

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    Foldable Handle


    LCD Display

    Space saving, more convenience to stock. and carry.

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    Space saving, more convenience to carry.

    electric scooter battery

    Rear-Wheel Drive Design

    Making Riding More Safer

    The rear-wheel drive design avoids forward learning and nodding wrestling

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    Double Shock Absorption

    Our wonderfully durable double shock aborber design is specially treated to resist uncomfortable riding.

  • Found in 2014, Iwheels Technology is an industry-leading manufacturer of electric scooter, kick e scooter and foldable escooter.

    We are constantly developing new electric scooters with different specs and the latest features.

    CE & ROHS


    USB Charge Port


    Smart App



    Motor Power


    Battery Power


    Tire Size

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