X8 Electric Scooter 500W

X series electric scooters are targeted at high-end consumption level.The most advantage is compliance with smartphone APP funciton, USB ouput port, double shock absorber and atmosphere light.

Smart APP: Recording scooter condition, and control the scooter much easier.

USB output port: Easily charged user’s phone

Double shock absorber: Making riding experience much safer when suddenly stopped.
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More Details
500W Motor Power: SMOOTH on uneven, cracked asphalt,cobblestone and any other 30 degree slope, you don't have an alternate route around rooted-up roads.
8 Inch Tire: Say NO to low platform, NO scrape along the sidewalk.
Solid Rubby Tire: Not worry about inflation.
Battery Capacity: 4/6/7.5/10AH for option. Power enough for commutering
Double Brakes: NO crash when full speed.